Things To Avoid In A New Relation

When you start a relation, you have all the good vibes around you. If you are really serious about your partner and want the relation to last, you might just do everything to ensure that the other person is equally happy with you, but some relations last forever and some don’t, wonder why?

This might not be any serious problem but typical things that can turn either of the two to turn off and walk away before the other realizes. Love is like that of a complex medium where emotions can get mixed up any moment on the positive or on the negative bringing new twists and turns.

If you have dated ever in your life, you know certain things in love are predictable, if you haven’t, you need to learn. Irrespective of whatever your situation may be, you can start a new relation with love and keep it safe for the rest of your life with just some simple tips.

Do Not Talk about The Past

Most people in love, make the mistake of telling their partner about how good their ex was or may be just the opposite!You have to understand that nobody wants to listen to your past stories, because it’s just not worth it. There are plenty of happy things to talk about rather than telling how much happy you were in the past or how and why she/he dumped you.

Moreover, if you keep taking about your past stories, you are actually making the other person feel that you are not enjoying his/her company. Mostly, women make the mistake of narrating their sob stories.

Never Lie About Your Where Abouts:

Just because you are in love doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own space. You can always go out, party and enjoy with your friends. But what is important is your response when your partner asks about you location.

Do not ever be dishonest when asked about what are you up to or where you are. Lies might make a room for suspicion and makes doubt peep in slowly, step by step. Have the guts to say the truth and expect the same from your lover.

Stop constant communicating:

You have to be in touch but that doesn’t mean that you will text every hour, every minute of the day. Sometimes a little absence is highly valued to get pleasure of presence. Neither you should always be readily available for your partner nor should you ever expect the same from him/her.Keep a time of the day or week to meet, so that you enjoy dating more intensely.

Stop Presuming Things About Your Lover:

It is quite possible that you will love the person a little extra but do not presume how he/she might act in situations. This is not just for the relation but for you. In an unexpected event when things turn out to be sour for simple fights, you will be stronger to accept things.

Introduce Your Lover To Your Friends:

You might be thinking how introducing your lover can help you. There are actually two way benefits of it. Firstly, your lover will acknowledge the fact you are trying to include him/her in your life in every possible way. There will much more better bonding and lots of action as well as you will have a group to hang around with.

Secondly, on the flip side of the relation, your friends are the only ones who will help you mend your broken heart. There is a golden saying that you should never lose your friends for your lover. That’s the biggest mistake anyone can make when entering a relation.

Stop your tendencies of cheating:

It is quite possible that you get attracted to someone else even when you have a partner. But controlling your flying emotions can save your newly started love. If you try to break the jinx and make something fun behind your love, you might end up in a very messy situation and end up losing someone who loved and cared for you.

Keep The Mystery Alive:

Needless to say, love gets very boring after you know everything about each other and couples yearn for change. To avoid that, be mysterious to your lover on the start of the relation. Keep things in the hiding and let the layers of your character unfold one after the other. You will see that both of you will find the things going smooth and will have lesser complaints.

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Settle a Matter On The Spot:

Every relation has a share of fights and arguments as love is very volatile. It is important that you end and settle issues between yourselves right on the same day. Some emotions become very dangerous when piled on and create huge rifts that might often be uncorrectable.  If possible end the argument on simpler note and avoid walking out.

Keep The Surprises Ready

New relations are like a bud, you have to bloom them with efforts. To make your relation last the test of time and love, keep planning surprises for your partner. This doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a lot of money but little things that can make the opposite person happy and content.

Buy a red rose for your lady ort just cook for your lover, anything can work!Whenever love starts, it brings many complications with it. But how to manage the flow of the relation entirely depends on the perception of the two people involved in it.

You don’t have to act like a Romeo or Juliet, but you have to share, take and perceive the relation in common. With small efforts and caring about small things, you cn save the love you have and make a wonderful next step at the right time.

Nobody is born like a great lover but everybody can make a relation work, if proper dedication and attention is paid. Your new relation can last for a lifetime and only you can make it stay against all odds.

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