Tips For Beautiful Eye Makeup

Kohl, which originated in the east, has been used by time immemorial to beautify the eyes and create a sultry and sexy look. Kohl-rimmed eyes are surely a head turner. Apart from serving the purpose of beautification, kohl if prepared the natural way, has several medicinal properties that prevent eye ailments. These days’ many brands have launched eye pencils and sticks which are easy to apply. Applying kohl is moderately easy. It just requires a bit of practice. And once you have learned the trick, you can apply kohl to get gorgeous eyes.

Before applying Kohl clean your eyes with water. Wash off any dust particle or eye-lash clinging to the eye or it might irritate the eyes later. In case the area around the eyes is dry, apply moisturizer. For people with oily skin, it is advisable to apply face powder before applying kohl and wiping off the oil with a tissue. In case you have dark circles, apply a concealer to mask the dark circles.

Now expose the inner lid of the eye by pulling down the lower lid with your finger. If you are using an eye pencil, make the tip blunt so that it does not poke in your eyes. Now begin from the inner eye and drag the eye pencil slowly along the outline of the lower lid. If you are using home-made kohl, dab some of it on the tip of your finger and run your finger along the contour of the lower lid.

If you want to apply the kohl on your upper lash line, put the tip of the pencil onto the lash and stretch the eye lash. Now move along the eye lash from the inner core to the outer side. Kohl applied on the upper and lower lids gives a sultry look and makes the eyes look large. Do not draw a harsh line and flicker it towards the ends. If you want your eyes to look round, draw a deeper line in the middle of the lower lid.

Kohl is now available in hues of blue, purple, brown and green. You can choose the color of the kohl matching your outfit and apply it to make your eyes look smashing. However, do not smudge the kohl by rubbing your eyes.

If your kohl gets smudged, quickly clean the excess kohl using a tissue or else it will spread all around your eyes. Eye pencils available in the markets often contain chemicals which are harmful for eyes. So choose your kohl carefully.