Tips for Beautiful Hands and Nails

Beautiful and well-kept hands are as important as a radiant and lovely face. Hands care is essential as it tells a number of things about one’s personality. We use our hands to perform various tasks be it cooking or writing or shaking hands when we meet someone.

Hand care involves three simple steps i.e. maintaining the softness of the skin, shape of the fingers and health of the nails. It is an easy task to take care of your nails and maintain their elegance and beauty.

Soak your hands in lukewarm water. Mix some cleansing agent in the water but make sure that the agent should be mild. Dip your hands for 7-10 minutes and gently rub off the collected dirt and impurities. Before dipping your hands, remove nail paint from your nails.

To maintain the softness and radiance of skin, massage your hands with almond oil before going to bed. In winters, the hands become dry. To prevent it, use a moisturizer at night and wear cotton gloves if possible. It is advisable to apply lotion on hands frequently in winters to prevent dryness on skin.

If you have to work in the kitchen, use a moisturizing hand wash for washing your hands. Dish washing soaps can harm your hands and make them dry and itchy. If the condition of dry hands is aggravating, wash your hands with soap and wet them again. Now put some salt on your hands and rinse with water. Then apply moisturizer on them to keep them soft.

Exfoliation is an important step to keep the hands beautiful. Hands should be exfoliated at least once in a week with a scrub made of natural extracts. It will remove the dust and impurities and cleanse the skin.

While going out in sunlight, you must apply an effective sun block to prevent your hands from getting tanned. Opt for a sunscreen which is waterproof and contains a minimum of SPF 15. Rub the sun block several times in a day if you spend more time outside.

While gardening or doing task that involve contact with chemicals, wear rubber gloves to save damage to your skin. It will prevent your hands from scratches and dirt and other harmful chemicals.

To protect your nails coat them with strengtheners before applying nail paints. After applying nail paints for two weeks do not apply anything for a week. Avoid using acetone nail paint removers as they make the nails dry.