Tips On Stimulating A Woman’s Body Verbally

Women need more time and effort from men to be stimulated and aroused. If a woman is not fully aroused then the intimacy that will take place between the two will not be that good or interesting as it could be otherwise.

There are different steps and ways to arousing a woman and stimulating her body. One of the most effective ways of stimulating a woman is by the use of words, i.e., verbal stimulation. Many men simply ignore the importance of verbal stimulation as they are not well acquainted with the amazing results of it.

Therefore, those men also miss out on experiencing the best sex that their lady could provide to them. Verbal stimulation is neither very difficult to achieve, nor is it very easy to practice. For mastering the art of verbal stimulation and using it for the best results you need to know a few things. To find out more about the tricks or ways of verbally stimulating a woman’s body, read on.

Set The Right Mood

Setting the right mood is not an easy matter and neither does it happen instantly. It needs a lot of patience, time and effort from your side. For a woman to be aroused verbally it is necessary that she accepts from heart whatever you are telling her. She must find your words sincere to believe them. So, you need to show to her day long that you care for her.

Make her feel special, cared and loved all day long so that when you speak things to stimulate her, her mind accepts them immediately. Making a woman feel special and cared for is not that difficult but, as said earlier, will require a little effort from your side.

If you help her in the daily chores like washing the dishes, washing the clothes, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, cooking food, etc, she will feel that you do care for her. Along with that, it is also important that you speak to her in the right manner and tone through out the day.

Appreciate Her For Her Skills and Efforts

Appreciation is something which most women crave for from their men. Unfortunately, men mostly ignore this fact and therefore this craving lingers on in women.

Therefore, if you give her the recognition and appreciation that she wants from you so badly, she will feel that you are taking notice of her and her efforts and will love the fact. Appreciation here is not referred to praising her on her seduction skills or good movements in bed.

It is about how well she manages all the chores and responsibilities. So, praise her for the efforts she puts in and the skills she makes use of to take care of you and her other responsibilities.

Compliment Her Looks, Body and Sexual Expertise

Praise her lavishly on her looks and body. Women like to hear that they look beautiful, hot and sexy. They love to know that their man still finds them hot and beautiful. So, let her know how attracted you feel towards her and her beauty.

Many women, specially the ones who do not have a perfect body, are very conscious about their appearance and figure. Here comes your ability and skill to appreciate her in a way so that you make it sound like what she thinks is her flaw or negative point is actually something which you admire a lot.

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Basically you have to make use of your communication skills to turn her weaknesses seem like her strengths. Once she is convinced about that she will feel more confident about her body and will feel turned on.

Express Your Desires and Intentions – In Words

Now, once you have successfully managed to make her feel aroused by making her feel special, beautiful and hot, it is time to make her feel wanted. Here you need to be explicit about what you want to do to her, how you want to make love to her and how badly you want to get close to her.

While you say these things, involve the right looks and expressions so that it becomes more effective on her and she can see how much she is really wanted by you. Being wanted by someone is a feeling which can make any man or woman lose himself or herself in the arms of the person who wants or desires him/her.

Thereafter it is time for letting her know and give her an idea of how much pleasure you are going to give her. Tell her what exactly you are willing to do to her to give her pleasure and how much pleasurable that can really be.

Make sure when you get into real action she actually gets that pleasure from you and you do all that which you said you will. If you fail to keep your promise of doing similar things that you told to her or if the pleasure is not as it was made to be believed, then not only that will lead to disappointment but she will also not be able to believe your words next time onwards.

Another vital point that you must take care of is that while you speak dirty to stimulate her, make sure that you do not use words which may have a reverse effect on her. There are women of different kinds in this world and they have their own choices, preferences, likings and disliking.

So, what is liked by one may not be liked by someone else. Therefore it is required that before you speak things you must be sure of the pulse of your partner. You must know what set of words she will like and where you should stop when it comes to dirty talking or expressing your sexual wishes and intentions to her.

The Touch

Most women will be aroused by just the explicit descriptions about her and what’s in store for her. But to make things hotter, faster and more effective you may also make the use of light physical touch. Give her slight touches on her cheeks, arms and lightly stroke her hair. Words that make her melt into your arms and slight touch that makes her crave for more is a fantastic recipe for a real hot time ahead.

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