Tips to Do MakeUp Easily

For people who do not know exactly how to do makeup so as to enhance your looks, read this carefully. It is not at all difficult to do makeup if you do it carefully and use good products. Read further to know how can do makeup at home without spending much of your money to get it done from parlor.

Firstly, you should apply concealer that must be one shade lighter than the foundation that you choose to apply. Blend it under your under eye circles with makeup sponge or even fingers would do. It is very important to choose a foundation that goes with your skin tone. Apply dots over the central part of face and blend it very well with makeup sponge over your entire face. Apply face powder so that the makeup stays for long.

Use powdered eye shadow and apply it with a slant and hard brush. Choose a three color shadow set that has light, medium and dark shade of same color. Put on the lightest shade and then the medium one is meant for the upper lids only. The darkest shade has to be used for the area under eyebrows. Then eyeliner has to be used. With the eyeliner brush, line two third of the lower lid.

For the upper lip, start with the outer edge and make the line thicker at the middle and end then end up the process. For the final touch, apply loads of mascara, preferably black, so as to give a fuller look to your eyes. For the blush, apply to the apples or below it.

For lipstick it’s always great to use the one that goes perfectly well with your skin tone. For fair people, pinks and natural colors are the best. People who have slightly dark complexion must go for more of browns, etc. Also take care of the color of your outfit and then choose your lipstick shade. Apply it with lip brush and do not forget to use lip liner after applying the lipstick which should be one shade darker than the lipstick shade you choose to apply. So this is how makeup should be done.