Tips to Glow Naturally In Different Seasons

Skin needs to be pampered according to different seasons to glow naturally. But most of us fail to follow a healthy skin care regime and it reflects on the skin with blemishes, acne, and dull skin. The ideal way to have flawless skin is to care for the skin with healthy diet, keeping it hydrated and know the basics to treat the skin the right way.
Many of you may care for the skin by applying a toner during the summer and moisturize it during the winter. But do you adopt any skin care routine during the rain? Not sure? Well, monsoon is a period, where you fail to care for the skin. Getting wet in the rain is fun, but it can be play with the skin’s moisture balance, leaving it dehydrated. Since there is moisture all around it does not imply that, your skin is soaked up with moisture. You have to strike a balance with the nature to make your skin look supple and hydrated.
The best way to deal with the monsoon is to apply non water based moisturizer, if you tend to get wet more often in the rain. Take care to dab dry your face with a napkin as the skin’s natural moisture will strip away along with the water droplets, leaving your skin dehydrated. For a regular day water based moisturizer works well for the skin.
If you leave your skin unattended, allowing the moisture to be evaporated with the water droplets, the skin gets drier as it loses more moisture than it would lose naturally. Thus it becomes very essential to moisturize your skin every time you get wet in the rain.
Most of us use sunscreen only when the sun is blazing, when the weather is beautiful, normally we avoid sunscreen, allowing the UV rays to takes its toll on the skin. Sun or no sun, sunscreen should be a part of skin care regime.
An integral part of skin care routine should include skin toner, it can benefit the skin in many ways, be sure to use skin toner suited for your skin.
Wear your makeup light if you must, let it be gentle on the skin.Indulge in nourishing soups to keep your skin well hydrated in quirky weather and get  your regular beauty sleep, your skin will exude radiance .