Tips To Hide Flabby Arms

Many women deal with the problem of heavy and big arms. Also this part is very difficult to slim and tone up with exercise. Most women face this problem as they grow older. Also your arms have a lot of impact on your overall body structure.

Women with thin arms look slimmer than ones with heavy arms even if their rest of the structure is same. But do not worry or feel bad if you can not tone them up, you can always conceal them with sensible clothing.

Wearing quarter length sleeves works really well with heavy arms. The length of this type of sleeves ends nearly around the elbow. This helps in concealing the arm flab as the loose fit around the elbow gives an impression of slim arms.

Avoid wearing tube or tank tops as they leave almost all of your arm are visible and with baring it all there is no way that you can hide it. You might want to wear them but still you would not like to face the embarrassment when you look into the mirror and you see the excess flab.

Yet still if you feel like wearing such tops, you can always team it up with full sleeves see-through or transparent shrugs or over-shirts, this way you would be able to wear those tops and yet not look odd.

While wearing full sleeves, many women think that tight fitted sleeves would make them slimmer. However it is not so, infact it is quite opposite of that. Full sleeves do make your arms look long and slimmer, yet too tight a fit can make the bulges very visible and in turn make them look flabby.

So a well tailored sleeve is very important when you have heavy arms and you should pay extra attention to it. Infact, whatever the length of the sleeve, whether half, full or quarter, they should never be tight. A loose fit can still be worn as it leaves your arm suspended in it and it gives a slimmer impression. But do not make it too loose, as that also would look clumsy.

Another way can be to have stripes on your sleeves. Stripes have a slimming impact making the arms look long and narrow. Or you can go for umbrella or bell sleeves. It is tight on and near the shoulder and as it runs down it gets loose, making your arms look thin.

So it is through different sleeve patterns that can make your arms look slimmer. Try them out and you will feel the difference.