Tips To Maintain Hair Rebonding

In this era of cosmetic correction the most popular and regular treatment is HAIR REBONDING, famous as HAIR STRAIGHTENING. Legions of men and women, who have suffered the pain of not having the splendidly shiny straight hair, opt for this Keratin hair-do.

After this texture correction you must be feeling joyous but if you want your hair to behave in the same manner then, it is required to be extra cautious. Follow the simple steps below and free yourself from the fear of having a frizzy hair again.

Difficulty level: Easy. One just has to understand the chemistry of his/her hair and the hair products to be used.


If you have recently undergone a hair straightening then, kindly, do not shampoo your hair for 72 hours. Leave the chemicals your experts has applied to give you that shiny look.

Hair Rebonding

Try to be a bit chemical savvy and go for sodium-sulfate free shampoos. It will avoid the treatment to strip out from your tresses prematurely. Go for some good brands and it is advisable to follow the prescription of your hair expert. These chemically good shampoos might prove little heavy to your pocket but using bad quality shampoos may lead your dream of this look short-lived.

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Do not blow dry your hair. As your original hair texture is allergic to hot hair. It might leave your tresses look wiry. Moreover, use hair moisturizers to have a smooth texture. It is necessary to go for hair treatments and regular trimming. It will help the hair roots to grow.

If you planning to go out in rain then, do not forget to tie your locks. Moreover, before going to bed it is mandatory to free your hairs from the trap of those tight hair bands.

Relying completely on chemicals won’t do. You need to treat your hairs with vitamins and proteins. Start taking protein and vitamin tablets and include salads, fish, eggs and pulses in your diet. Make it a regular exercise. Moreover, drink lots of water and massage your hair with castor and olive oil twice a week it will help hairs to breathe.