Tips To Select The Lipstick Or Lip Color

While buying lip color the foremost thing which we consider is its color and its texture whether glossy or mat. But beyond these two points there are some more things which every woman must keep in mind, which shall not only add to the beauty of your juicy lips but to their health as well.

The first step before we begin the lip color application, is to make the base using the sun screen and foundation. Both will protect your lips from exposure to atmosphere and chemicals used in lipstick. Make sure to apply daily; use the lipstick rich with moisturizer. This way your lips shall always remain soft and won’t lose its original color.

Always buy the lip color shade keeping the lips original shape in mind. If you are bestowed with big lips size go for dark colors, since with light colors the size of lips shall look all the more bigger.

On the other hand if you have small lips size, make use of lip gloss and simmers, which will make your lips look blown up and spouted. If lower lip is thinner than upper lip; after applying the lip color, give the minor touch of gold or silver lipstick right in middle of lower lip.

Two shades lighter and two shade darker lip color then your original lip shade, should not be selected. Especially when you are applying the lip color in noon hours the difference will be noticeable and lip color will appear like patch on your face.

Never select the lip color shade just because it appears good on someone else. Since the lip color effect comes differently on different skin tone. Hence if you are fair select the burgundy, pink, orange shades where as for dark or whitish skin tone red, plum, and dark brown appear excellent.

Once you have outlined your lip with lip liner apply the same on lips also and afterwards apply the basic lop color shade. This way your lip liner color shall not stand apart from your lip color shade and both will gel well. Whenever you use the lip liner sharpen well for optimum use.