Top 4 Tips To Dress Up For A Wedding Party

Be it your wedding or that of someone else, where you have been invited to take part as a guest, dressing and style occupies a prominent position. Every stratum of society, every level of people, and every country believe that clothing for a wedding is something special.

The moneyed class is expected to have a separate wardrobe for their wedding outfits. But those, who are not that rich, also do not fall behind. They might not have a wardrobe full of wedding collection. But, they have their most expensive, most gorgeous outfit, reserved for a wedding occasion.

Dressing up for the wedding demands certain set norms which we cannot deny. We cannot land up in a wedding party in a pair of torn and worn out jeans, the ones we wear casually.

Such an awkward and out of place dressing will only be an object of sarcasm and ridicule, making the person wearing it embarrassed to the hilt. But, there are other categories of men and women too, who often abandon the very idea of visiting a wedding party as they do not have the right costumes to wear.

Together with the clothing part, there are other things too. I bet, most of us get confused when we get a wedding invitation, thinking how will we dress our hair for a wedding party, what might be the accessories we will wear, what color of wedding dress we must choose, etc.

Thus, in this context it is important to mention that there are several intricacies to be followed to dress up perfectly for a wedding.

Hence, let us have an idea of the ways we need to dress up so that we are perfect for the occasion.

Tip 1

Choose your dress first. Unless you settle down on a perfect dress you cannot proceed with the further moves. There are different timings for wedding party for different people and different countries, especially, in the Christian wedding.

In some of the weddings the guests are invited in the daytime, to be a part of the church proceedings and all, while in some of others, the invitees are welcomed in the evening, to join the dinner and wine.

Thus, you have to be specific about the time you are invited and the dress to be selected. If you are one of the respected invitees of the daytime nuptial proceedings, then understand the gravity of the occasion.

If it is a fully formal wedding, then your clothing should reflect that. In such situations it is essential that women wear smart and well fitted short dresses. You can also wear formal business trousers.

In the case of men, go for a dark colored suit length with a suitable tie. It must not be a bow when you are invited for a day party, but a basic one.
For the formal evening wear, women can opt for long, flowing gowns that are embellished with pearls, beads, sequins or fine, silk thread embroidery.

Men can wear suits with textures in the fabric. You will look sophisticated when you put a silk handkerchief inside your pocket that peeps out. Wear a white tie to complement your look.

Tip 2

As for the evening dressing, again the consideration comes whether it is a formal ceremony or an informal one, like a beach party wedding or a cruise wedding.

In case of an informal occasion, where your dress code is mentioned, your problem is sorted out. But, in an informal wedding occasion, where you are the decision maker of your dress, you will again get confused as to what to wear and what not.

So, the solution for you is that in a daytime party, you can wear short length, business dresses with tone on tone thread work or pearl work, that do not dazzle much. Your fabric selection may be a bit shiny and silky. Stick to light colors for a day wear like peach, pale pink, powder blue, coral etc.

Likewise, at an evening party you are free to experiment with cocktail dresses that have fishtail shapes or sleek cuts, or have side slights with exclusive beads, spangles and sequins works.

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Men, in informal weddings, can settle down for light colored, semi formal shirts and pair of trousers. But do not go for jeans as that is not at all wedding attire, no matter how fond you are about wearing them.

You can wear stylish jackets or sober scarves to complement your look. In the evening parties, you have to go for a dark colored suit that has a nice cut. A bow in a bright color and silk fabric will not be a bad idea. The cuff of the suit may also be of silk or satin, in tonal or matching colors.

Tip 3

Both men and women must restrain from wearing dark colored outfits for the day time party. Dark colors must be reserved for the evening wedding party only.

Again, in case of women, stay away from white, off white or milky white during daytime, preferably. This is because these are the colors reserved specially for the Christian bride. So, it is always better to separate yourself from the bride’s dressing.

Also remember not to choose dresses that have colors similar to that of the bridesmaids or the mother of the bride or that of the groom. They are special guests in the occasion. So let them stay distinct. You might settle down for other colors.

In case of men while wearing suits do not try to be over experimental by wearing an assortment of colors like red tie, black trousers and white shirt, or high contrasts like black trousers, black ties with white shirt.

Tip 4

There are certain things more that are better to avoid wearing on a wedding occasion. You must consider that wedding is one of the most elegant, most elite occasions.

Thus, going to attend a wedding party imposes certain restrictions on the clothing you choose. In case of women invitees, wearing strapless busters is not proper. Neither is a dress that is transparent recommended, which makes your lingerie peep out through.

Men should totally avoid wearing tuxedo in the day parties. Jeans, corduroy, denim are some of the fabrics that you should stay away from while attending a wedding party.

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