Top Hair Colour Trends

Your hair speaks your inner health and is the most gossip able aspect of your personality. So for most people, getting a new hairstyle or a haircut seems the best way to change their look.

Not many people are aware of the fact that just by changing the colour of their hair; they can bring a drastic change in their personality. Hair Colour is the most popular and fashionable trend that make conversation starters.

Hair Colour Trends

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Dressing your mane is as important as dressing yourself and stylish heads are no exception! Hair being the most important and ultimate accessory people dive straight into colours to keep it fashionable. The hair colour of a person is one of the first things someone notices hence you can make a great style statement that will make heads turn!

Cool and hot colours dominate any season and one should go super dramatic with this season’s hottest hair pick. Current Hair Colour Trends are defined within the move towards relaxed glamour.

Red, Blond and Brown are the most baked colours to keep the mane fashionable. Black and Brown is the best kind of hair that can get glamorous and fashionable with dashes of colours.

Keep a note of your skin tone while choosing your matches to crown your glory! So make your head go stylish with the trendy colours available and discover the magic they do to your personality.

Top Hair Colour Trends


If you believe that fashion should be discussed, then red is your pick! The fun loving shades of red are the one going to make you look hot this season! If you have an intense hair base then you will definitely grab a lot of attention with the hot hue.

Red Hair Colour Trends

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Fire engine reds would definitely be the right grab for you if you are blessed with fair skin and long tresses. Brilliant Red will give a lot of depth with its burgundy, copper brown and auburn shades. Also, it is a great way to look younger and acts like a glamorous dress– it walks into the room before you do.


Golden or brown highlights on the red base can help you get that extra attention!


If you want to go lighter on the dress of your hair, then go bong with the blond! From dusky to fair skin, you can be the centre of attraction with the lighter undertone that dresses your tresses. With blond, it usually reduces stress levels, as one feels younger, confident and even more attractive with that extra attention!

Blond Hair Colour Trends

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However, make sure it will blend with your skin tone before you take the plunge. Also, blond is associated with glamour and sophistication and is the super favourite of many celebrities! You will automatically look like a diva at the most happening party spot in town and not to mention a complete pro at work.


Go for champagne blond and golden brown highlights if you have a fair complexion, whereas if you have dark complexion, go for golden blond with the copper red or honey brown highlights


Paint your hair chocolaty if you are blessed with that fair, flawless complexion. Look dashing with the dark mane and make those plain heads feel envy!

Brown Hair Colour Trends

It is one colour that will best compliment even short hair and will frame your face with the plethora of shades available like golden brown, dark brown, light brown, coffee brown and medium brown.

Brown hair look sizzling and they can be adorned with very interesting ideas. It will work wonders especially if you possess those long wavy tresses! Believe me, you will be the one most talked about around (definitely positive!)!


Break the block of chocolate and create a fab, daring impression with the golden and vanilla highlights.

Dare To Be Different!

If you want to go to that extreme and look sexy, cheerful and confident then don’t be a slave to fashion! Pick colours from the rainbow as highlights on your already colour baked head. Rainbow colours are suitable for those who want to dare to be different and can handle those stares green with envy!

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Also bright colours like silver and golden are popular with youngsters and adolescents. For something a little more outrageous and individual, go for a brightly coloured fringe; say for that candy pink, and a few purple ends.

Hair Colour Trends

If you want something quite striking yet not so colourful then just go for a lighter than usual highlight like a tasteful light coffee brown. While choosing the correct match, keep a watch on your skin tone, think of it as if a painter would, and be judicious about its placing. Remember to keep your highlights darker than the shade of your hair colour, if not subtle, then be ready for that extra attention!

Take Care!

Don’t just lock your locks; also tender them with right products after painting them. Use cool water to rinse your hair after shower so that it closes your cuticles and the hair health is maintained.

Restore your mane by choosing the right kind of colour friendly shampoo and conditioner that retains moisture and maintains the lifestyle of the hair. So go ahead, and air your hair with confidence!