Top Ten Things That Men Hide From Women

Well, with internet surfing as well as social networking on the high, secrets is no longer tough to know about. As for girls, you can dig out, about your boy various things, which would have been otherwise unknown to you. Look, men may not be confident or rather may be nervous to uncover certain facts about themselves.

But if he is honest and you get a bit liberal and then ask him about these things then he might confess. Well, it’s kind of embarrassing for them to say it on their own. So you should be aware of the facts and try being modest when you are trying to know more about them.

Generally, men hide stuffs from their past life. May it be some affairs or some practices. As life moves on to the future, more and more things become past. So, if your attitude towards your spouse’s secrets remains orthodox, they might deceive you and keep on keeping secrets. So try to take thing lightly.

Here Are The Few Things That You Can Expect Men To Hide.

His First Crush Was Your Best Friend

This is one of the highly ranked secret in a man’s life. Your man may not reveal that he actually had a great crush on a girl who otherwise is your closest pal.

Even more, it can be such that he liked your chum with a deeper instinct than what he felt for you, when you guys started hanging around together. They love you and so they think that this may end up in hurting you. So they prefer to keep it a secret.

Previous Love Affairs

This is another very common thing that men hide from their partners. Only one in a thousand have a single girl throughout his life. So it’s of high possibility that they had affairs with other girls in the past. They have a complex that you will feel jealous out of this.

They at times also think that you may consider that he will again have some affairs and make you past. This, kind of guilty conscious plus kind of a feeling that you won’t trust him makes your man hide this.

At times they also expect that you may think that he is still into his past affairs. There can be a combination of reasons that they keep this thing from you.

Dating A Hot Classmate Or A Bartender

Ahem! Ahem! Your man may possess the in his secret bag, a smoky date with a hot classmate. This is not all; it may be a hot pub attendant. May it be college days of high school days; men love to go on a date with a hot girl.

He may have been single at that time, but he feels ashamed to confess it to you. Reasons behind this thought pattern is that they feel, you might not trust that he does those things no more.

Affinity Towards Watching Sizzling Porn Movies

Oops! It’s again something they don’t want you to know. Almost each and every man enjoys a porn movie. In fact, some of them are fetish about these videos. This happens to be one of the most treasured secret of a man’s life.

They love watching the actors in those movies but are quite ashamed to reveal this truth in the public. This same feeling keeps them from sharing this even with their fiancé. They have the impression that women will displeasure their liking of these vulgarities.

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It’s a secret. Men masturbate. They do so quite regularly and prefer to keep it a secret. It’s not that their sexual life is stressful but because they enjoy doing so.

They think upon sexual matters a lot which excites them and so they follow up. Time isn’t a factor; sometimes they do so to drain their stress or may simply to enjoy life. But they, due to some reasons prefer to keep it off their girls.

Friends’ Bad Habits

A survey on this topic revealed that a wider group of men prefers to keep the bad practices of their friends a secret. Friends lie close to our heart and we never prefer to get parted from them.

The same goes with the guys. So, they do this under the conception that this might lead to such an issue where you would refrain them from meeting those friends. They think that you would do so because you wouldn’t want them to be like their buddies.

Their Ex Keeps On Coming To Their Dreams

Well, they prefer to hide this from you; they often dreams about their ex-girlfriends. Whenever they quarrel with you they at times end up in dreaming of their past girls and their positives. The next morning when things get better with you they find themselves unconfident enough to confess this to you.

Discussing About A Good Looking Colleague

Men are found to discuss about a good looking girl who works with them. They generally do so when they are among friends. They love you but cannot refrain from getting into those discussions among friend to sound cool.

They at times express their liking for that girl to carry on with that impression among friends. They obviously hide this from you as they think that you would lose your trust.

Gazing At The Beach Party Girls

Men will never confess that they gazed at the gang of flaunting girls at the beach party. It’s not that you man cheats on you but they enjoy those girly flaunts. They do not say this to you for they think that it will be hurting.

Following Your Social Networking Accounts

It’s often noticed that men follow the Google or Twitter or Facebook or some other social networking accounts of yours. They do so to know more about you so that they can impress you. Moreover, some do so, to follow if their girlfriends are cheating on them. Men keenly prefer to hide this poky nature that they possess.

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