Top Ten Types Of Men To Avoid Marrying

Marriage is said to be the most wonderful thing in a woman’s life. You must have a dream about getting married to the man of your dreams. But dreams turn into horror when the person you choose for yourself turns out to be someone else than what you thought before. It may be your choice or that of your parent that can turn faulty. After all, it’s you who will be spending the whole life with your spouse.

While the dating days you need to keenly analyze certain things that will let you know if the man is any good for you. Staying as a couple under one roof needs quite a lot of understanding and most importantly love. So first make sure if your man is truly in love with you or is it just some deep infatuation.

Starting from a mommy’s kid to a perpetual bachelor, men to avoid are a lot. The only common element in them is that they will for sure, suffocate you and finally give you a good amount of heartache. Heart-breaks after marriage hurt a lot.

May be you will still love him but his attitude will suffocate you. So isn’t it better to figure out beforehand if your fiancé can be the perfect husband. So check this out to find out the real no-no’s for a marriage.

The Fastest “I-LOVE-YOU” Ones

These creepy fellows who go for an “L” word too fast. It is nearly next to impossible to fall for someone in a very small time. He may like you but cannot truly love you till you both have spent a good amount of time together. It may happen so that the lust in them makes them say so.

This love that comes so fast is actually very volatile. Soon these men realize their love for someone else as their feelings are kind of fast-forwarded ones. So better don’t get into their robotic affairs.

Fellows Who Keep On Pissing On The Every Other Thing

Hope you are getting what I mean; these are the ones who have an attitude that you are of no worth. They say that they love you so much but never seem to be pleased by anything that you do to express yourself.

They seem to be disgusted and always find your efforts faulty. These idiots are no good as they will keep on digging your brain with their innovative lectures. Gosh! They are complete headaches.

The Crackpots

At you first date he will be very much emotional as well as sensitive. Their caring attitude will please you and he will actually feel the grief of heartbreak and realize the reasons of his previous heartbreak and seems to have changed a lot.

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But as you will move on with your relationship you will figure out his careless notion towards you and how much you try to get close to him he isn’t bothered. They are real crackpots and will only come on the tracks when you blow them off your life. So never get into marrying a one from this package as your marriage will last in a wreck.

The Paranoid Geeks…Oh!

No matter how much you are committed, they will make you go crazy and will never trust you. These Romeo type men have flirted with you and appreciated your flaunting nature. For them your outfits are always revealing and your workplace demands will seem to be too high.

Even at times they get so very violent with every aspect of yours. But they say they love you. This love actually hurts. Even if you leave them they will nag you and if you are back things will soon relapse.

Those Over Confidents

They always think that they are a load better that the whole world and even you stand nowhere near them. His sharp lectures can shatter almost everything that faces him and is an Oscar nominee for the best critics’ award. They will jot termites from your head out of just nothing.

The Sports Sick

They just don’t love sports they are actually crazy about them. On you wedding night also they will be happy with the ‘Manchester United’ or ‘Roger Federer’. On the most romantic moments also, if given a chance they will happily watch an ‘English Premiere league’ match. Better you leave them and their sickness.

The Mommy’s Boy

They are the best kids for their mom but not a good husband. As they will spend their whole life on their mama’s lap. You cannot expect them to grow up as they will always keep on loitering around their mother.

They will never come in the foreground to support you and will always ask you to consider their mom. If ever asked to choose between, you will stand alone even in the hardest of the days.

The One Who Seems To Know You From Even Before You Were Born

They seem to know as well as understand you the best. They will always give you an “I get it” look even before you could complete what you were saying. They are simply disgusting with their hound dog look. From your very first meeting they will try to possess you by this attitude.

The Chocolate Boys

They look good and so think that a thousand of girls will be crazy about them. They will say that they love you but will always make you realize in attitude that there are loads, to fall for them. You will soon get irritated to feel that you must be obliged to have him in your life. It is better that you don’t go for those attractive chocolates.

Ones Who Always Appreciates Other’s Wife

Here comes another class who keeps on appreciating and advertising, other’s girlfriend or wife. This man can never keep you happy as he will be too busy in finding the beauty and positive facts about a friend’s wife. Better you let this bunch of fellow do what they feel and deprive them of having a wife.

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