Tricks To Do A Weave Bun

Having your hair done up as a weave bun is an ideal hairstyle when you do not want your hair to fall on your face. As a hairstyle that is pulled back and tied into a bun, the weave bun hairstyle is one of the most elegant and chic looking.

The following article will elaborate on the tips and tricks regarding how to do a weave bun.

The Beneficial Aspects Of A Weave Bun

A weave bun has become one of the most popular hairstyles and is preferred by a number of women. The weave bun is a variation of the ballerina bun and is both fun and stylish. Besides the fact that the weave bun is perfect as a hair up do, another reason why the weave bun is so popular is that this hairstyle is suitable for a number of different occasions.

You can wear a weave bun for a formal occasion because it is classy and sophisticated. You can also do a weave bun to college or work since it is also casual enough.

Also, wearing your hair in a bun is something that a lot of women do when they are having a bad hair day. In such a case, doing a weave bun adds an interesting touch to a regular bun and makes you look stylish despite the fact that you are having a bad hair day.

A weave bun also comes in handy when you do not have the sufficient amount of time to style your hair and go for an elaborate hairstyle. A weave bun is simple to make and does not take time so it is ideal for a situation where you have to fix your hair in a hurry.

How To Make A Weave Bun

The following points will give you suggestions and instructions regarding how to do a weave bun. Before starting to make a weave bun, there are certain supplies that you will need. These supplies include a hair brush, hair gel, hair spray and a hair clip with a clasp to secure and hold the weave bun in place.


For making a weave bun, the first thing that you will need to do is to brush and comb your hair properly to free the hair of tangles and knots.Brushing your hair makes it more manageable and also makes it easier to style.

Hair Gel

Once your hair is free from tangles, you will have to take a drop of the hair gel in you palm, rub your hands with the gel and apply the gel on your hair. The application of the hair gel is an important step in making a weave bun because it helps to smoothen out any frizzy in your hair. Also, the hair gel will help to hold you hair in place and not let stray hair come out of the weave bun.

Styling The Weave Bun

After the hair gel has been applied on your hair, the process for making the bun begins. You need to take your hair and pull it towards the back of your head. This is similar to when you are making a regular bun or a ponytail. There are two ways of doing this.

If you want the weave bun to look casual and carefree then you can use your fingers to pull your hair back. Using your fingers will leave small bumps and make the strands of your hair visible adding to a casual look.

However, another way to do his is to use a comb. Using a comb will smoothen the strands of your hair and get rid of any bumps that may form while you are puling your hair back. Using a comb is ideal for a formal occasion or a professional call when you need to look smart. You can use a comb or hairbrush to ease out your hair and make it look neat.

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Once you have pulled back your hair to the back of your head, you will need to divide the hair into three equal sections. This division is done so that you can plait or braid your hair.

After you have finished making one revolution of the braid, you need to pull out sections of hair of about 1 inch from both the left portion and the right portion of the braid. Repeat this process after each time you finish making a revolution.

After this,you will need to place the hair clip at the end of the plait and roll your hair towards the back of your head to a position where the clip is at the back middle portion of your head. Gently hold the clip down till you hear the click of the clip closing.

The hair clip needs to be secure so as not to let any part of the hair fall out.Once the clip is secured, you need to pull out the loose sections of the braid to cover and conceal the clip.

The loose ends of the hair along with the rolled braid will create the impression of a weave.Also, the loose sections help to hide the hair clip and thus make the bun look more stylish. You can make the loose sections cover the clip in any way you want. This hairstyle is all about looking smart and hence you can experiment without worrying about messing it up.

If you are preparing for a casual occasion, you can pull out more strands of hair to create a messier look. The messy look has a very carefree appeal to it and makes you look really smart.However, if you want the weave bun to look neat, then you can pull out only as many strands as would cover the clip.

The final step in relation to how to do a weave bun is the application of hair spray onto the bun. The hair spray helps to set your hair, keep it in place and does not make the loose strands fly about.

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