Tween Fashion

It can be very confusing in your tweens! You are not old enough to start dressing up but looking good starts to become a priority! Given below are some tips that will help you look fashionable if you are tween.There are so many fashionable clothes that are designed specifically for this segment. Remember one rule if you are a fashion conscious tween, the goal is to look cute. Don’t try to ape the styles that are meant for grown-ups. Buy outfits with a childlike theme but those that are trendy.

When wearing dresses, choose lengths that end above the knees. Sleeveless  dresses or ones with short puffed sleeves look really cute. Patterns that look good on dresses for tweens are trimmings with lace, ruffles, appliqués patterns, front pleats, floral prints, embroidery, bows, ribbons etc. Some good fabrics for dresses are nylon, chiffon or silk.

Layering looks really chic on children in this age-group. Try a thermal under the t-shirt or camis under a cute v-neck top. Leggings and jeans are a great choice.  You can also buy three-fourths or short capri pants. All styles of jeans such as; skinny, flared or comfort fit would look nice. Cargo pants are a great buy, especially for boys.  Girls look cute in short skirts, or skirts in plaid and scottish checks.

Accessories make tweens look very chic. Try to wear minimal jewellery and again do not buy styles designed or adults. Instead, opt for jewellery with a childlike theme. Go for jewellery designed in the shape of hearts, bows, strawberries, guitar etc. Clips also look nice and they should also have a childlike design. Any dainty footwear looks good on tweens, like ballet flats or skimmers. A good pair of sneakers is crucial.

Makeup at this age is not such a good idea. But, if your tween insists on wearing it, then keep it minimal. A little blush for rosy cheeks is cute. Gloss, pastel tints, shimmers and body glitter can be worn to a party. Highlight eyes with subtle shades like white, peach or pearl. Avoid eyeliner altogether, but if you are wearing one keep it very thin or use a transparent one. Again lipstick if worn should be glossy and in light shades of pink, peach or berry.