Using A Professional Makeup Brush Set

Applying makeup quite often becomes an essential part of the day for many women. They require makeup for their everyday work and to look beautiful during social events and outings.

Many women go to salons to get professional makeup done. However, this kind of makeup can be easily done at home with a professional makeup brush set.

A professional makeup brush set usually comes with ten different kinds of brushes meant for different purposes and parts of the face. The first of these is the Powder Brush. This brush has round edges and a flat surface, which allow one to spread powder equally on the whole of the face. A medium sized powder brush is often best for spreading the basic foundation or primer onto your cheeks.

The next is the Blush Brush. This brush has a flat bottom that covers the cheek in a sweeping motion. It is used to highlight the colour of the cheeks and make them look slimmer. Next is the Contour Brush. The main purpose of this brush is to provide shape to the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. Working with a contour brush can give beautiful high cheekbones in a matter of seconds.

A professional makeup brush set will have five brushes meant especially for the eye makeup. First is the Highlight Brush, which has round edges, used to apply highlighting powder under the eyes. The next is the Eye shadow Brush that is flat in nature and carefully smears a base eye shadow on the eyelid.

To complement this brush, there comes the Detail Eye shadow Brush that is used to blend in another shade of eye shadow with the base colour to provide a detailed look.

Next in line is the Eyeliner Brush that helps in applying liner in a precise manner. It can also make a thick line, like the ones used for a smokey look. Along with this, one can use the Eyebrow Brush whose main work is to shape the eyebrows and blend in the colour put through an eyebrow pencil.

A professional makeup brush set will have two more brushes. The Lip Brush that blends in different colours of lipstick and to apply gloss in an even manner. The last is the Fantail Brush, which is used to tidy up any loose ends and to remove any excess makeup on the face.