Vegetable Peel Facial: Treatment of Scars

We all are not blessed with bright, rashes and scars free skin. Especially at teen, majority of us were troubled with pimples and pigmentation problem, which at later stage turns into scars and skill dullness. No matter which concealer we use, to hide these unwanted characters on our face, they remain the source of embarrassment. On my trip to Austria, a dermatologist was accompanying me and suggested that if I don’t prefer any laser treatment, than Veg-Peel is one of the best options.


Cleanse the skin with face wash or rose water. Apply the Vegetable Peel Pack, it is advisable to add the egg white and cudpahnut granules in basic pack, since both are great source of protein content and to tighten and brighten the skin respectively. Once dried, remove the pack using milk. One can also perform gentle massage, cudpahnut granules work as gentle scrub. Finally remove the remaining pack using water. Later apply the cooling gel to soften the skin and remove the blackheads / whiteheads using the vacuum. Finally apply any face pack (preferably fruit extract) suitable to your skin. The entire course results in relaxation, in addition to scar and blemishes treatment.


This method is perfect aid in cleansing the surface of the skin; it clears our skin pours by removing the damaged skin elements. However primary job preformed by Veg-Peel facial is to treat the scars and blemishes, but one also reinstate healthy and shimmering skin. The natural elements used as basic ingredients in this therapy not merely cure the dull skin, but also induces the regeneration of new tissues. Best part of this treatment, there is no use of chemical substances only natural herbal vegetable extracts.

If one is fairly serious about treating the skin from scars and burns one must undergo about 7 facials in 2.5 months time. Later addition of one more session (comprise 5- 7 facials) is added advantage. However our skin every day comes in contact with pollution and harsh conditions, hence the continual nourishment with herbal products should be followed firmly.  Today’s nurturing is bright future of Skin.