Waist Coats for Mengnancyihub

Men can wear a variety of clothes to look fashionable. Men have now begun to concentrate and carefully select what to wear. They have become as fashion conscious as women. There are lots of things men can wear to look different from the standard crowd. One of them is to wear a smart waist coat.

All men should have at least one of these in their wardrobe. The best color to get is black as it is standard and will not look flashy. A waist coat should end just around the belt and it should not be too tight. It should fit loosely on your body. It is best worn over a plain white shirt with the sleeves folded up to the elbows. This looks smart and casual at the same time and yet different.

When you are buying a waist coat go for one that is a mix of cotton and Lycra and not the denims as it looks too casual or even the leather ones. Leather ones do not look good as they give a very cow boy look and when you repeat it is more easily recognizable.

Waist coats look best when worn with jeans. You should wear smart boots to add to the look of the waist coat and not slippers or sandals as the waist coat look is a bit more formal. Another very smart way to accessorize your waist coat look is to wear a tie with it or you can also wear a small but smart hat.

This look is surely going to make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd and who knows you may actually start a fashion by creating a style statement. This can be worn to a party or even to the disco. Definitely not to work though.

Besides having a black waist coat you can also get some dark solid colours if you feel you are going to wear them more often. Leave the bright colours as they do not look smart and also those colours look better on women rather than on men. So if you do not have one yet; its not too late.