Ways to Eradicate Rosacea

Rosacea is a type of disease which is not very serious but still many people are already victims of it. Specially people living in cold and dry area are having more chances to be affected by this disease. It does not cause itchness or sunburn like any other disease but it creates permanent redness on your face which is allergy to nature, pollution, etc.

There are some ways if you are affected to this disease. One of the most easiest and permanent solution to it is the laser treatment. May be you find it expensive but going for some remedy which you have to continue lifetime won’t prove to be better than laser treatment. Other than the laser treatment there are creams or medicines available by dermatologist’s prescription which I said earlier will definitely have the side effects as antibiotics are finally made from chemicals.

Consuming natural products would definitely be a better option then chemical medicines. One of the natural way to get rid of Rosacea is to prepare Green Tea paste at your home. Mash some green tea leaves in water or milk and make a paste out of it approximately which can be used for 2 days (if you are using milk). Apply the same at the parts of your face affected by Rosacea. It will reduce gradually but there is no permanent solution to this as the disease is allergic.

You can also use vinegar on the affected areas but you have to let it settle. You have to allow it to get deep that means you have to keep for atleast 1 hour. This will also help in reducing the redness of the skin. Aloe Vera is definitely one of the most universal remedy for almost all skin problems. Aloe Vera used on daily basis on the skin can prevent as well as can cure almost every diseases including Rosacea. Your food intake is also a reason why Rosacea happens.

So you have to take special care about that if you really are serious about this disease. IF the disease is on a higher stage than it is advisable to contact dermatologist first and then go for home made remedies.