Ways To Propose A Guy

Usually, the guys take the initiative and the proposing has always been the job of men only. Today, girls of the 21st century are as vocal as the guys about their feelings. Sometimes, guys may shy and do not propose, and the girl who is trying to propose, may have to find the different ways to propose to a guy. This is because she can not kneel down and do the whole ‘Knight-In-Love Routine’, even tough she is proposing, she is still the Lady!

Since the girls are generally not acquainted with the aspects of proposing a guy, here some sizzling ideas are given for the same. By using these effective points you can easily propose a guy of your dream. You take him to his favorite restaurant, then request for a special song to be played for him and also order some special food. You can have his attention if he is relaxed and comfortable.

A popular saying is that the way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you are a cook or a nice baker, then you can try to make something special for him, whatever he likes. Sometime during this, you may tell him how much you love him and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with. Restaurant hunt could also be exciting.

Always try to wait for the right time, because the right time for proposing aids in getting that ‘yes’ from your beloved. Not only girls, but believe it or not, even guys love to receive flowers. So, flowers with a small written note can also be the good way to propose. This note could say how much you love him, or may also have direct questions like “Will you be my husband?” or “Will you marry me?”

Be prepared for the worst, but do not betray your nervousness. Look into his eyes with confidence. Also, do not ever show your desperation else you may loose the guy. You may give some hints to him like you want to talk him about something special or important. It should not, finally, come as shock rather than a sweet romantic surprise. Also, do not propose a guy when he is upset about something or he has had a bad at work. Measure his mood and then go ahead only. Being too sympathetic may also ruin the moment.

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