Wedges The Latest Trend For Shoe Wardrobe

It is not just the clothes which are women crazy for but the shoes also enjoy and important place in their wardrobe too. You can easily find their wardrobe flooding with shoes and sandals. Just like dresses there are a lot many varieties and shapes and types of shoes which are available and there is a separate market for the footwear which keeps on flooding with the latest trends and style.


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This summer the wedges have bounced back from 70’s and are r5eplacing the high heeled stilettos which must have been ruling your shoe wardrobe for quite some time. But now the time has come when you need to push them back and make some space for new and sexy wedges for your office and parties. Just like high heels these wedges are also good enough to give you some extra inches and the best part is that they are much more comfortable than the normal stilettos.

This is the reason why every footwear designer from ALDO to Prada has launched a chic range of wedges which can be picked from any store to give a new and sexy look to your feet. The best part of the wedges is that they make your feet comfortable because of their shape and design and they are not like stilettos which make you feel as if you are stretching for any yoga asana pose and it is very tiresome for the feet to stay in that position for hours together.

latest Wedges trends

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The wedges are a good investment from that point of view as they add few inches too to your height and go along with most of the dresses too. You can wear them to the office and carry them with élan in the parties too and that too without the fear of falling as in stilettos.  Wedges can be clubbed with any type of dress be it short denims or flared pants, they look good with skirts too and can be teamed with suits too.

Wedge heels the hottest summer trend

Wedges trends

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Wedges are the latest choice amongst the fashion circuit too, along with major celebrities endorsing the wedges you can also look elegant for a party with wedges or sport a casual look to the office with the wedges. All kinds of wedges are available to give you then desired look. The best part of wedges is that they are able to give you any kind of look ranging from stylish chic look to formal or casual look whatever you want. Wedges were earlier in fashion in 70’s and were a great hit amongst the women because of being very comfortable.

If you talk about stilettos they are very uncomfortable to wear for a long time and it has been found that women who wear stilettos regularly face severe back problems and have problems in the feet or the hip joint too because of the posture problem with them. Like in stilettos the heel is under the heel of the foot and most of the sandals or shoes have heel under our foot only. But in case of wedges this is not the case wedges have wider heels which travel from your heel to the end of your toes. Because of this shape like a wedge these shoes are called wedge heels.

These heels might range from your foot heel to the end of the feet or might end up just half way your feet depend upon the style and the design.  It is not necessary that all wedges have to be high heels there are designs in wedges which are just medium heels or low heels. Mainly the wedges have a typical shape just like a wedge which makes them wedge heels not the height but the length of the heel is what creates different types of wedges.

Benefits of wedge heels

latest wedges

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They can make you look from casual to formal any kind of look you want. The best part of wedges is that they are easy on your feet and make you feel much more comfortable than wearing stilettos, which do add height but come along with many problems too. The platform kind of base that wedges create is very comforting for the feet. Wedges add height by adding extra inches to you just like stilettos.

It is easier to walk or rather run while wearing wedges than high heeled stilettos which are a bit uncomfortable to walk and especially for fat women. Wedges give you a typical stylish and sexy look if you are ready for party. On the other end if you are going to the office they give you the typical cosmo look to with great elegance. They go with all kinds of skirts from short casual skirts to long and flare skirts all skirts can be easily paired with wedges.

Wedges being more open in design help your feet to breathe easily not like snickers and slip-ons. If you have heavy ankles then wedges is the perfect shoe for you to give them a thinner look and increase your fashion quotient. Owning wedges in it is typical style statement these days.

What to wear with wedges

what to wear with wedges

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Wedges can be teamed up with any type of skirt be it long skirt or short skirt all get along with the wedges. Even the flowing skirts look really nice with the wedges. You can also wear wrap dresses or Gauchos or Bohemian style dresses with wedges to look sexy and give a new look to your personality. Pants with flare or flared denim jeans also look very stylish with the wedges but remember the flare should be wide enough to get the typical 70’s look. All these dresses with wedges will give you hot and sexy look this summer. Never wear wedges with narrow or straight jeans or pants it will not look good at all. Avoid wearing pencil skirts with the wedges they are a strict no-no. Capri’s also do not look good with wedges.

Although wedges come in various shapes and sizes and colours and are today’s latest style statement but they have some negatives too like do not get this impression that they are so comfortable that you can run a 100 metre race with wedges on, they are still the heels which have their own limitations and they cannot be teamed with tight fitting jeans or skirts they look very odd. Since they give your ankle thinner look so if you already have slim ankles they will make you look like pencil ankle. But whatever may be the case the wedges are ruling the shoe fashion this summer so just go ahead and pick a new one for your wardrobe.