What does Your Lipstick Tells About You

It is the time of fashion and well up to do. If you want to rock the party you should take the help of proper application of makeup and one of the most important thing of the makeup is lipstick application as you lipstick says many things about you.

How to Choose- There are various different types and shades of the lipsticks for the different skin tone. Always pick colors which touch the natural shade of your lips and skins. Also you have to be careful while picking up the lip color and also take help from your cosmetic consulter to help you out in choosing color for your skin tone.

There are many colors like plums, wines and deep reds but these colors look dull to the dark skin tone whereas pinks, orange and light-brown are look good in lighter skin. Skin like olive skin looks gorgeous with brownish reds, light browns and raisin shades of lipstick. This article suggests you how to choose lipsticks for you and also which color look good in day time or evening mentioned below.

Always go for lighter shade in the day time and darker for the evening. Also matte and cream shades also look nice in daytime whereas gloss finishes add beauty for night. Natural shades also look good for day time.

Females with medium skin tone you are recommending to go for deep brown, deep reds along with the blue undertones, hot or warm reds, and brown shades along with yellow undertone look very good on your face.

Always choose deep and rich browns with reddish undertones, dark berry shades and pinks. All these shades look amazing on the yellowish skin tone.

If you have dark skin tone then always go for dark reds, biscuit shades. Brown shades and deep plums are look fabulous. So try to use these shades.

For thinner lips you are recommending to use lighter and glossy shades as they help you to make your lips look fuller. Avoid using dark lipsticks this will make small lips smaller.

Females who have larger or full lips you are recommending using dark or matte lipsticks. It looks good on larger or full lips.