What is a Flowbee

A flowbee is a hair-cutting device that is connected to a vacuum hose. Using a flowbee makes it easier to cut hair at home without the tedious task of cleaning up after the cutting session gets over. The device is generally yellow in color and has a 12-volt adapter that supplies powers to the clippers. The grip is easy, slip-proof and comfortable to hold.

In the early 1980s a carpenter from San Diego designed the flowbee and vended it in the market as a tool for cutting various hairstyles within the privacy of homes. Over the past thirty years the device has gained immense popularity because of its easy and comfortable features. It has an array of trimmer guards that let no mishaps happen when the device is in use.

The Flowbee is attachable with any vacuum hose. Once you are done with the cut you can run the flowbee through your hair that will suck all the hair clips with the help of vacuum hose. There is no mess left for you to clean.

Place the person for whom you are cutting hair on a comfortable chair in a comfortable position. the Flowbee device should be attached to a vacuum cleaner from the end using the Universal Hose Adaptor. The Adaptor comes with the Flowbee device for free. Once the Flowbee is connected with the vacuum use the right amount spacers to the end of Flowbee that will be used for cutting.

Switch on the vacuum and Flowbee system. The person getting the haircut should be seated at a comfortable position for you. Start from the top of the head. Get a measurement of the length of hair you are cutting. The movement of the Flowbee should be up and down so that the hair gets pulled via the spacers.

The spacers will have to be adjusted as you start moving to the hair at the sides of the face to get the desired length. You can use the longer attachment for getting a layered cut. For layering the longer hair you will require to pull the hair straight to get an even length.

Use sharp scissors to trim the hair around earns and neck. This will give your hair a clean, professionally-cut look.With Flowbee hair cutting system there will be no mess created and you can get a perfect cut starting from ½ inch to 6 inches.