Your Clothing May Send Wrong Signs!

Clothes say a lot about man and woman. People always form an opinion the way we dress. Some types of clothing are inappropriate in all work environments. That is the reason why some work environments have a dress code so that everybody who works there must follow.

It’s not only right qualification or experience but also the ability to present you that helps to clear the interview. When deciding what to wear for an interview avoids bright colors and busy patterns. Black and navy blue are the safe colors.

Do not wear jeans for wedding as it looks inappropriate and too casual wear only if the wedding is outdoors. Also try to wear the T-shirts with condom prints as it sends wrong messages to the younger generation.

Always try to keep the clothes simple, classic and coordinated. Always prefer dark colors. Wearing a falling neck line or hip-hugging skirt re inappropriate and send wrong signals.

Few Things To Keep In Mind While Dressing

Before you put on clothes look at yourself in the mirror and wear the most important thing i.e., self confidence. Always try to mix and match and try not to wear the same color from head to toe.

Always respect yourself no matter what you wear as there is always a very thin line between sensuality and vulgarity. Carry well no matter what ever you wear as it avoids sending the wrong signals. Do not use too much accessories.

Also do not wear too much of makeup, perfume or too much of jewellery. A heavy eye makeup dark lip color should be avoided.

Always be careful of lines and bulges under the clothing as it not only looks ugly as well as reflect the careless personality.

Dressing For An Interview


While going for a business interview always try to dress like a business. Always try to keep it simple, classic and wear the dark color. A skirt and jacket or a trouser suit is the best suited for an interview. Choose colors which flatter your figure, personality, coloring and style. Do not show the undergarments.

Accessories should complement the dress. Wear minimal jewellery like small earrings, watch. Keep the hair clean and well groomed. Avoid over make up as it looks inappropriate for an interview.

Present yourself in the best possible manner. Do not wear perfume which is over powering. Make sure the clothing is clean and well dressed.


Wear the clothes which are conservative, well fitting and style that suits your body shape. Black, charcoal or dark nay blue are the great colors of business suit. Always try to coordinate the suit with shirt and tie. Wear plain belt and match it with the color of the trousers.

Keep the shirt light colored and long sleeved. Do not wear a black shirt or hot pink colored shirt. Try to keep the shoes clean, polished. Match shoe and socks color. Try to keep jewellery minimal i.e., just wedding ring or a watch. Make sure that the hair is cleaned and combed.

Choose Right Uniform:

As the world has become fashion conscious now a days. Thus dressing up appropriately requires the understanding about the type of dress that will match the work environment. Some places the casual look will work where as at the other places the formal look works. There are few things that should be kept in mind while making the choice of right clothes that you can adapt.


Dress appropriately depending on the work environment of the place. As works plays a major role therefore the clothes that do not disturb the work environment should be worn.

Wear clothes that do not reveal too much and create major distractions. Clothes that reveal too much send wrong signals and people try to misinterpret and make wrong assumptions which will pollute the environment.

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Wear clothes that are presentable and reflects a good image of a person. Work environment that is presentable and crucial and also looks good at the work place. Hence uniforms are preferred in the work place.


Wear clothes that are comfortable and makes you feel good and there are no hindrances in working. Wear simple colorful clothes with flat shoes and loose skirt. Wearing short skirt and high heels will make you feel uncomfortable and will make you feel over conscious.

Always consult the superiors about the kind of attire to be worn for a specific work environment.

Few Tips:

Always try to be yourself and be what you are. People always like you the way you are. One may feel comfortable in wearing but it may send the wrong signals or even non verbal communication can send the wrong signals.

Clothes that reveal too much should be avoided as they help people to form a wrong impression. Always dress like local as it very necessary no matter wherever you go try to dress in the attire of that country because that will help to get attention and you will not feel odd.

Appropriate attire supports and creates the appropriate image in the minds of others and the person takes you seriously.

Navy blue and dark grey are the most conservative colors for men. Black is considered as over formal where as other colors can come and go and avoid wearing extremes.

Dressing appropriately and nicely compliments the personality of a person. The attire should always be noticed as appropriate and well fitted. Do not try to club any attire with the business attire.

Thus the proper and appropriate of dressing sense is very important for a person as clothes say a lot about the personality of the person. The clothes which you wear should be simple, descent and appropriate as inappropriate clothes creates a wrong impression.

No matter how much qualified or educated a person is but the proper dressing sense is very important and it sends the positive signals to the other person.

If the clothes which you are wearing are not proper it will send the negative signals to the others and will create the negative impression in the mind of others. Therefore it is very important to wear the clothes as per the environment and situation as wearing the wrong dress at wrong place will send the negative signals about the person.

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